I am passionate about training people to use their eyes and hands with the broad-edge pen. I want to teach what I know about the broad-edge pen, basic calligraphy practices and design principles to help form the next generation of calligraphers, firmly grounded in the tradition of modern calligraphy that was started by Edward Johnston in the 20th century.

In the past ten years I have studied with many skilled scribes in the Friends of Calligraphy organization of San Francisco, where I taught my own calligraphy classes to children and adults. Today I want to help grow an appreciation for strong letters in my new home of Ann Arbor, Michigan, and beyond.

Image credit: Tom Hollander

Student feedback

Loren is a wonderful teacher. The class was well-organized and really fun.

Enjoyed learning how to slow down and take the time to write properly and learning how to write the letters. The insight into the history of the art was interesting. 

I liked the step by step instructions and teaching aides that Loren provided.

This was my first workshop on writing. I liked receiving my fountain pen, and understanding how to further my penmanship. I appreciated going through the strokes, the Loren assisting us on where our strokes fell short.

The best thing [about the workshop] was undoubtedly the instructor, Loren. He was kind and funny and made everyone feel at ease.

Loren was a very prepared and excellent teacher.  Learned a lot in four hours!

I thought Loren did an excellent job.  He was well-prepared, and had numerous examples of old works in Blackletter calligraphy to show us.

Great instruction, great handouts, great communication. Loren is very passionate about the subject.

Loren was prepared, knowledgeable and helpful. Very patient and accommodating.

Teaching experience

TitleLocation and Date
Fountain Pen BasicsAnn Arbor, MI, 2019
Dynamic Design for MACBirmingham, MI, 2019
Blackletter Basics´╗┐Ann Arbor, MI, 2019
Fun With Letterforms for grades K-2Berkeley, CA, 2015-2018
Beginning Calligraphy for grades 3-5Berkeley, CA, 2016 & 2018
Italic, via Friends of CalligraphySan Francisco, CA, 2017
Italic Handwriting, via FOCSan Francisco, CA, 2015

Below are samples of student work in Fun With Letterforms class for kindergarteners, where loose pattern-play is used for children to invent and develop familiarity with the underlying structures of the alphabet.