UPCOMING, Sun. 9/15: “Fountain Pen 101” workshop at Hollander’s, Ann Arbor, MI.

This workshop demystifies the fountain pen and introduces a beautiful handwriting style that is fun to use. After discussion of basic fountain pen mechanics and proper pen care, Loren will present a versatile Italic calligraphic script that can be written slowly for a formal look, or more quickly for an informal feel. Practice writing at different rhythms and letter sizes on various kinds of paper. Papers will also be available for students to learn to hand-make their own envelopes and start sending impressive greetings!  Materials include a Schaefer fountain pen. This class is geared toward beginners, with no previous lettering experience required. 
Class Fee:  $75 — Materials Fee:  $20 

5/13: “Dynamic Design” workshop for the Michigan Association of Calligraphers, Birmingham, MI.

3/31: “Blackletter Basics” workshop at Hollander’s, Ann Arbor, MI.